San Bernardino Deputy Caught On Video Threatening To Create Charges

Just imagine how often he’s done that and NOT been caught.  Before cell phone cameras stuff like that was just an unspoken understanding when dealing with cops.  Of course a cop can make up a bullshit story about you!  Even if it’s a flimsy story, at the end of the day you’re losing time and money showing up to contest it.  Glad that’s starting to change.

That’s my whole feelings on the issue. And he generally has all the power over a random civilian, like how could someone stand up to him without getting arrested.  The PD says they’re looking in to it or will “talk” with that officer, but you can’t talk to that guy.  He’s too comfortable with abusing his authority.  His job is to protect and serve, and he’s ready to throw someone in jail for asking questions?!