Nirvana plays “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in a Small Club Two Days After Nevermind Was Released

They seem a bit over-rated these days but their music brought along a big tidal wave of cultural change in music and somewhat in society. Their sound, along with the rest of the grunge/alt/new punk attitude, it just swept away the corporate rock and pop back then. It brought rock back to its more primal roots, which the residue of the punk attitude is to credit, and helped bring awareness back to the plight of the common man’s dilemmas. Rather than singing of aspirations like money, fame, drugs, women, big hair, etc, they sung about life as we might know it, warts and all, growing up through those awkward teen years and for some, young adulthood.

You ever notice how Nirvana’s drummer looks a lot like that guy from the Foo Fighters?

source: James Oconnor