Man Plays Careless Whisper by George Michael on the Guitar and Totally Kills It

This guy is amazing. He started out on Vine doing these perfect loops, but now he’s got Maple the dog with him, so she’s in every video now. I could listen to them all day. It’s the crispness and how clean he plays that makes it delicious on my ears.

I wish I could do… anything this well. After the first few seconds I thought, “Ok, this is cool but I get it, I can turn it off.” Then I saw or heard something that made me go, “Wow, this is really amazing” and I had to keep watching.

That kept happening every few seconds. Whether it was something surprising in his playing, an interesting phrase or finger movement, a new camera angle, suddenly noticing just how incredible the guitar’s tone was, his insanely musical rhythm, some part of the song he emphasized I hadn’t noticed before, or the cool way the strings behaved because of the rolling shutter of the image sensor.  I couldn’t stop watching until the end.