Audience Laughs at Male Abuse Victim, Host Calls the Audience Out on Double Standard

“A good friend of mine started dating a woman who always seemed a little off, but after they eloped randomly one day she turned violent. On many occasions she beat the hell out of him, threatened him with a knife, and threatened injury to herself. Because a man can’t hit a woman, he would do his best to run away or just cower and take it, instead of fighting back. He had to conceal injuries, and lie about the ones he couldn’t conceal.

One time she started choking him and when he started blacking out he panicked and shoved her. She called the police and he spent the night in jail.

Gender norms really work against men in this situation. Nobody takes the man seriously, nobody. The police didn’t believe him, social services didn’t believe him, when divorce proceedings began nobody believed him. Battered women suffer through a lot of shame already, imagine being in a position where nobody believes you or is on your side, and you’re simultaneously unable to defend yourself and humiliated for not defending yourself.” –Bran_Solo